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Subaru Competition Car Insurance

Competition Car Insurance from Keith Michaels

  • Rally Car Insurance for cover between stages
  • Road and Track racers, enthusiast drivers
  • Discounts for limited mileage, owners club members, garaging, etc.
  • All modified cars covered
  • Speak to Gary Moulson on 0208 329 1167
  • We are long established UK company and do NOT operate a call centre
  • Instand cover is available
  • Monthly payment options


Competition Car Insurance

At Keith Michaels we have a specific scheme aimed solely at those people who need cover for their vehicles in between various race meets or stages. We understand that the vast majority will be transported but there are still a large number who need cover for use on the road.

Competition car insurance WILL NOT cover you on a track or stage – it is only designed for your road risk liability and theft. Event cover can usually be arranged through the organisers.

Competition car insurance can only be provided for those with the relevant MSA licence and is aimed at the following activities:

  • Circuit Racing Nissan GTR
  • Stage Rallies
  • Sprints
  • Hill Climbs
  • Autotests
  • Road Rallies

Our experience is that these will be driven sensibly on the road – the track or stage is where the real action happens! As such we are happy to look at individual risks where the driver has some experience, the events covered are all authorised and run properly, and that there is a level of security on the vehicle. Please do call for your Competition car insurance and speak to a fellow enthusiast as we have tailor made policies to suit your unique needs – Like for like modifications and Agreed Values to name two.

Follow this link for our Modified car insurance which will apply if you do not have the MSA licence.


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