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Which Car Brand Are You?

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Which Car Brand Are You?

Take our quiz to discover which car brand you really are!

Which Car Brand Are You?

Cars are like dogs… they tend to look like their owners. Drive the same type of car enough and you’ll start to display characteristics that perfectly fit.

That’s not just science, it’s cold, hard opinion!

Question 1: My ideal holiday involves…

Question 2: My spirit animal is…

Question 3: When I'm stuck in traffic, I…

Question 4: My favourite super hero is…

Question 5: I prefer to drink…

Question 6: When I see a cyclist, I think…

Question 7: On a Saturday night, I'll be watching…

Question 8: Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

Question 9: If you could only have 1 car modification, what would it be?

Question 10: Which racetrack do you like most?


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