September 26, 2012

Ultimate Porsche 911 on the track?

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We know there are many videos of various cars flying round race tracks but this one is a little bit special. It is of Porsche driver Uwe Alzen charging round the Nurburgring at an incredible pace and overtaking a huge number of slower vehicles on the way. Some realise he is there and move quickly  and some don’t. It also highlights the perils of track day driving and not enough skill – witness the stacked car that causes the re-direction. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Whilst we obviously don’t condone anyone driving a performance car like this on the road, it really does show how fantastically engineered the Porsche 911 has become. For the purist driver, the 911 has to be right up there with the greatest sports cars ever put into production.

The Chairman of Keith Michaels was lucky enough to be invited out to the Porsche test facility at Weissach in Germany which was simply an incredible experience. The way in which each car is developed and road tested at the facility is second to none, with cars being taken to the ragged edge and back on the test track. Only performance cars of the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, etc. could stand up to this sort of abuse and get away with it. Whatever is said about the Porsche 911 the truth is that a version of it will be around for many years to come – of that you can be certain.

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