February 25, 2014

The world’s fastest production car?

The world’s fastest production car? Header Image

If money was of no concern, what car would you buy? Would you long for speed? If the thrill and excitement of having the ability to reach up to 1.2g of longitudinal acceleration is what you would seek, then have you found the car you want and wouldn’t you want to get performance car insurance and drive it as soon as possible?

The Hennessey Venom visited the Kennedy Space Centre to become the fastest recorded production car on the planet, reaching 270.49mph. The 7.0-litre twin-turbo V8 produces 1,244bhp Venom beat the Bugatti Veyron (top speed 269.86mph) for speed on February 14th this year. The world’s fastest car managed to accelerate from 20mph to 120mph in just 7.71 seconds. Test driver Brian Smith described the peak of speed as “just a little sketchy”. Doesn’t it sound tempting?
A former Michelin tire test engineer insisted that given an eight-mile oval they speed would have climbed even higher. However, even with only 3.22 miles of runway, 2.27 miles less than the Veyron, the Venom managed to reach and break the record. Despite reaching higher speeds, it is argued not to be the fastest production car on the planet because it would require a second run in the opposite direction before claiming the official title. John Hennessey however did not seem concerned with official records, as the evidence was there. He claimed that it would take considerable time, an estimated two years, before regaining entry to the NASA airstrip.

John Hennessy, along with the entire team, seemed delighted with the performance, claiming that with a longer distance it could have broken the 280mph barrier. With acceleration at the 270mph mark still pulling 1mph, the Venom was still accelerating and was in adequate mechanical condition to have continued and repeated the journey.

Would this not be the car you would spend your money on? And with such a beautiful piece of machinery, wouldn’t you feel obligated to get the appropriate performance car insurance.

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