March 26, 2012

Range Rover – Car of the Decade

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Online magazine poll puts Rangie ahead of Veyron, GT-R and Tata Nano…

A top ten list of anything is usually good for a punch-up, and the result of Autocar magazine’s top 10 cars of the decade survey looks as if it might deliver the goods.

According to their online reader poll that ran for two weeks over Christmas, the Range Rover is ‘Car of the Decade’, ahead of such illustrious machinery as the Bugatti Veyron, Nissan GT-R and my personal favourite the Tata Nano. (OK, not really…).

The Vauxhall VX220 somehow sneaked into the number 5 spot, while the Prius came 6th and… well see the list below for yourself.

The Rangie scored a whopping 18 percent of the 7500 votes cast, according to Autocar. With the Tata Nano claiming 7th, the Jaguar XF coming in 10th, it’s a good set of results for both Tata and the JLR brands that it owns. We feel the same at Keith Michaels and would love to provide you with your Range Rover car insurance.

It’s also a great excuse for us to talk about our own ‘cars of the decade’ here on PH. So let the punch-up begin…

Autocar’s ‘Car Of The Decade’ results (Voted for online by 7500 readers):

1 Range Rover
2 Lotus Elise Mk2
3 Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R
5 Vauxhall VX220
6 Toyota Prius Mk2
7 Tata Nano
8 Mini Cooper
9 Ford Focus
10 Jaguar XF

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