May 18, 2012

Porsche 918 Insurance

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Porsche 918 Insurance

In a heavily disguised camouflage scheme, Porsche are finally showing the road test version of their 918 hypercar. The car has been seen testing with all sorts of bits hanging off it but now it is starting to look real. Production is set to start in September 2013 and we will be raedy with our Porsche insurance for the car.

The engine output is aimed at 770bhp from a 3.4 litre hybrid and is on target to achieve 94 mpg which is astounding! This will surley become the benchmark for future supercars and no doubt for the future of other Porsche models. The one thing we really do like is the exhausts coming out of the engine cover – very formula 1 (until banned by the FIA) and certainly looks the part.

If this is the future of performance cars then we will be ready with our performance car insurance. This model will certainly need high net worth underwriters to take the risk on and we at Keith Michaels have an extensive access to the specialist underwriters who would take your risk on.