July 24, 2012

Police oppose speed limit cut

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Now here is a turn up for the books – the police do not want the speed limit on the A40 cut from 70mph to 40mph on the basis that this move would be potentially dangerous.

This all stems from plans by Oxford City Council wanting to build 1,200 new homes next to the A40 dual carriageway which currently has a 70mph restriction which is the norm for this type of road. The Council wants to provide new residents with access to the city of Oxford and is planning to do this by way of pedestrian crossings over the road.

Oxfordshire County Council and the Police are raising serious issues with this plan on the grounds that reducing the road limit to 40mph on a single stretch will be both difficult to enforce and liable to cause more accidents. Cynics would also suggest that another major incentive is to reduce the road noise at this point – understandable in the circumstances.

It would now appear that sense has prevailed and the plans for the new speed limit have now been dropped. Even so, if you have been unfortunate enough to have prosecuted for speeding, then you may want to take a look at our options for speeding insurance or our convicted driver insurance policies, both of which are designed to get you back on the road following any sort of motoring conviction.