December 22, 2022

Petrol Ped Drives Team Legacy’s 800hp Subaru at Brands Hatch

Team Legacy recently took Petrol Ped out on a drive around Brands Hatch in their 800hp Subaru Legacy. Read the full roundup today.
Petrol Ped Drives Team Legacy’s 800hp Subaru at Brands Hatch Header Image

Team Legacy has been a long-time partner of Keith Michaels and we’ve proudly sponsored them for many years. Damien Bradley, owner and primary driver of Team Legacy, recently took the teams’ Subaru Legacy out on a test day at Brands Hatch with YouTuber Petrol Ped. You can watch the full video below but we’ve summarised the core points as well!

While we’ve spoken about Damien’s car before, unless you’ve been watching a hill climb championship, you may not have had a chance to hear this car, or see the car being driven.

Petrol Ped really takes you on a journey of the car in his video, giving hill climb fans something you don’t often get, a mainstream car reviewer driving a souped-up Subaru Legacy around Brands Hatch. Here’s a brief rundown of the best bits in the video, with the links to where they are in the video.

First Lap with Damien Driving

Watch here from 1:44.

In the first lap, the car is on minimum power, yet it’s still spectacular to watch and to listen to. The acceleration is just breath-taking, even on low power. They have an issue with the tyre smoke due to the pressure on Paddock Corner

Second Lap

Watch here from 3:52

On the second lap, right at the end, Damien whacks up the power, but the compression on the back tyres is still causing a problem, so they head into the pits to make some adjustments to the back wheel arches.

Ped’s Laps “The Coolest Car I’ve Ever Driven”

Watch here from 6:51

Once the back wheel arch problem had been resolved, it was time for Petrol Ped himself to take a spin. As you can see, it’s a monumental driving experience, but as Petrol Ped goes on to say, the car looks like a lion but handles like a pussycat. As you’ll hear in the voiceover, Ped discusses the car, and the experience of driving in quite some detail. We know that it’s a true performance car, as we insure it, but for someone who’s never driven a hill climb car, it’s not an experience you’re likely to forget.

About Team Legacy’s Car

Watch here from 12:47

Damien and Ped talk about the car, Damien’s recent successes in the car (huge congratulations from all of us here at Keith Michaels) and take a look at the engine. It’s a very well-constructed car, with a true team of experts of constructors and tuners behind the engine who have made it the absolute monster it is today.

Full Power Run

Watch here from 18:43

The power difference on this lap is clear, you can hear and see the difference in Ped’s reaction as passenger and hear the difference in the engine sounds.

Damien is a fantastic driver, and it’s clear that his heritage and growth with the car have really translated into some fantastic handling.

About the Anti-Lag System

Watch here from 19:51

Team Legacy’s Subaru has an anti-lag system, and Damien explains here briefly about the difference that makes to the car and its driving.

It’s a revolutionary system for the car and one that really makes a difference.

Damien’s Speed Laps

Watch here from 21:19

Damien then takes the car around for some more test laps to try and get a good time, topping out at 51 seconds. Seeing the car from this distance after experiencing it from a different angle really gives you an appreciation for both the driving and the car itself.

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