July 8, 2014

Our Search For The Highest Performance, Modified Nissan GTR

Our Search For The Highest Performance, Modified Nissan GTR Header Image

The Nissan GTR, each day we receive calls from our GTR insurance customers declaring yet another modification. We couldn’t believe the shire power being delivered from these cars, so headed to Google for a search.

Let’s talk background, when the GTR first rolled off the production line it was already proving to be an impressive platform. 3.8 V6 Twin turbo, 550bhp, 4 wheel drive, Playstation electronics and a Nurburgring lap in just 7:24… Basically that’s quicker than a Ferrari Enzo or a Pagani Zonda, But clearly this isn’t enough!

We started with what we thought was an ambitious search “2000bhp Nissan GTR” and up pops this video Are you serious, The Alpha Omega R35 GT-R Wheelie Test! We looked into this clearly far from standard beast further, and it has boasts serious performance modifications.

  • 2000+ BHP
  • 0-60mph – 1.72 Seconds
  • 0-100mph – 3.03 Seconds
  • 0-200mph – 11.87 Seconds

Is turns out that these serious modifications have turned this Alpha Omega GTR into a high performance animal, it holds many of the current GTR records (we stand to be proven wrong)

We dig a little deeper and here we go, a 1700+ Alpha GTR VS a Lamborghini Gallardo, of course it’s no match.

I’m beginning to imagine this is the kind of power some of us can only dream of, so we switched to some other videos, and this made us chuckle. A Grandmas reaction to a 700bhp GTR launch.

So hats off to all the guys modifying their Nissan GTRs, we love it and I guess the quest is now for us to find out which is the highest performance modified GTR we provide insurance for.

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