July 31, 2012

Land Rover and Bowler alliance

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A new agreement has been reached between Land Rover and the extreme company Bowler (of Wildcat fame), based on a brand partnership following the close ties that have existed between the two for 20 years.

This will allow Land Rover to have a much greater recognition of their brand on Bowler products, and will play a much larger role in future Land Rover marketing. Bowler for their part will receive continued access to engine and chassis components and have a guaranteed supply of spares.

Land Rover will benefit by their engineers having access to engineering that has traditionally been part of the ‘specialist’ type and we hope this will pave the way for them to move into a more aggressive market, as most of their competitors have done in the past. Maybe one day we may even see a more permanent tie up between the two brands.

Bowler has been making its competition vehicles based on Land Rover and Range Rover products since the 1980s and reached out to a far larger audience following Top Gear’s road test in which Richard Hammond described himself as a driving god whilst having a test drive. The latest Bowler EXR S is based on the Range Rover Sport, but has extensively redesigned bodywork and an engine output of 558bhp. This is enough to propel the car from 0 – 60 mph in 4.2 seconds!

Not many of these vehicles will make it onto our roads, but should you need Prestige car insurance, whether this be Land Rover insurance or Range Rover insurance, then please do contact one of our specialists who all have an extensive knowledge of vehicles in this sector.