July 31, 2012

Porsche Carrera S Powerkit

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For those customers who can’t wait for the launch of the new Porsche 911 GT3, then the powerkit upgrade may be an option. This forms part of a raft of options from the new ‘Porsche Exclusive’ range.

The initial improvement is power with an increase from 400 to 430 bhp, and a corresponding reduction in 0-62 time of 0.3 seconds – quite an improvement. This puts the new car on a par with the old 997 GT3 and more importantly allows you to have a manual shift rather than the PDK only GT3 Porsche which will follow.

Various engine tweaks are used to achieve this increase in performance as well as a new sports exhaust. A titanium coloured engine cover and carbon inlays are also used to advertise the fact whilst the car is stationary!

As well as the increase in power you can also spec the car with the latest Porsche areokit – this includes a fixed rear wing (part of their ‘Sport Design’ package), plus a front lip spoiler with extra air intakes. Whether you opt for this option, the new 991 GT3, or an existing GT3 (whether this be 996 or 997) then please do give us a call to arrange your Porsche 911 insurance, part of our extensive Performance car insurance range.