September 21, 2012

Jaguar F-Type Imminent

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With the pictures of Jaguars new F-Type being leaked today, they were forced to reveal that they will be showcasing the new model at the Paris Motor Show later this month. We will be providing Jaguar F Type insurance from the outset and have schemes already in place.

It’s fair to say it’s definitely an eye catching design that will surely boast some very impressive performance statistics like previous Jaguar models always have.

Seeing as we don’t have any details on the performance, it only seems sensible to point out the more obvious of the features that make this Jaguar F-Type look as slick as it does. To start with you have the grille, surrounded by five ventilation slots, a cool look that certainly suits the way the front end of this car is shaped. The bonnet vents certainly stand out as well on this vehicle as a dominant feature that is sure to keep your attention focused on the Jaguar as it roars towards you along with beautifully shaped headlights that again just make this car look as amazing as it does.

From the pictures released it was confirmed by Jaguar that the early release of this Jaguar F-Type will only include drop top roadsters that will be followed later in 2013 by the coupe version of the vehicle, which just leaves us wanting more as we draw nearer to the release.

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