June 18, 2014

Get Your Modifications Noticed in The Garage

Cars Cars Cars, We love them you love them and that's exactly why we built The Garage. Its a place for our customers and followers to showcase their performance and modified cars.
Get Your Modifications Noticed in The Garage Header Image

You work on it, you care about it and you’ve probably spent more days and nights with it than you can remember. So Back in December we created an online garage and it’s proven to be quite popular. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your pride and joy to fellow enthusiasts. A large number of our customers have already submitted their cars to our online garage, which have been viewed and admired by thousands of people. The entries completely range, from naturally aspirated to big turbo’s and prestige to track toys, there’s a performance car for everyone.

It would appear as though Subaru Impreza owners are the most keen to show off their cars. Surprisingly we’ve only had two Mitsubishi Evo submissions. Some Subaru owners have said it’s because the Evo doesn’t compare to a Subaru. Wouldn’t you Evolution owners like to disprove them and have your modifications displayed in our garage? We’ve also had a couple of Audi RS4 submissions, with some pretty subtle modifications.

We’re proud to insure such passionate drivers. Some of the things you guys have done to your cars have really impressed us. You go beyond the basics of tuning and you really make the car your own. We haven’t come across any two cars alike in our garage, with a combination of modifications being made to the suspension, engines, wheels and braking systems, not to mention the aesthetic modifications of your cars.

The car with the most power to date is a track ready Subaru Impreza running 603BHP. If you think your car might be able to challenge that kind of power, or if you just want to show it off then get your car into The Garage. Many of our performance car insurance and modified car insurance policy holders have already gotten involved.

Any one can have their car showcased in he Garage, just follow us on Facebook we’ll gladly accept your car into our garage. Especially if you think it will impress. What we require is:

  • A number of photos to showcase your car in all its glory
  • A list of the modifications you’ve done to your car
  • Your car’s performance specs (including BHP)