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Providing the Most Competitive Mazda Eunos/MX5 Car Insurance

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Providing the Most Competitive Mazda Eunos/MX5 Car Insurance

Many of you guys have been asking us about our Japanese import car insurance policies lately. More specifically, you want to know about our Mazda MX5 and Eunos insurance. Well, because of popular demand we’ve developed a new insurance scheme just for you. Now, if you get a quote from us, 9 out of 10 of you will be shocked by how little it costs.

I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say that the Mazda Eunos Roadster is one of the greatest two-seat sports cars of all time, despite it being over 20 years old. Even though most of you will have had your Eunos for several years now, we are astounded by the immaculate conditions that we see them in. You consistently show dedication and passion for your Eunos, and at Keith Michaels we reward such enthusiasm. This is where our Mazda Eunos car insurance comes in, and from as little as £150.

You clearly care about your car and we admire that, which is why we are proud to be able to provide such great deals for you and all other true car enthusiasts. We can provide a number of insurance discounts that most Eunos drivers qualify for. We can offer a large discount if you have a second car and only used your Eunos on the weekends or for limited mileage. You are undoubtedly a member of one of the many great MX5 or Eunos car owners clubs, which means you qualify for a further discount under one of our Mazda car insurance policies. Because you care for your car, we drive down our premiums but keep the high level of cover that Keith Michaels are known for.

Requets a quote online today or give Fraser McKay our specialist a call direct on 0208 329 1154, and see how low your insurance premium could be. Our team of specialist car insurance brokers are eager to arrange your Mazda Eunos insurance policy.

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