May 30, 2014

Be the owner of your very own Formula 1 car

Be the owner of your very own Formula 1 car Header Image

Do you follow Formula 1 religiously and would love to not just sit in but OWN an F1 Car? To feel the roar of the engine as you shoot off the start line, and the tenderness of the brakes as you take each bend on the Circuit de Monaco or Interlagos circuit.  OK maybe not compete in the F1, but to just own one would be an amazing opportunity.  So what if you can’t complete a lap of Silverstone in less than two and a half minutes, at least you could give it a go!

Well now there’s an opportunity on eBay to buy not only a Formula 1 race car, but to buy an iconic F1 car. The Honda F1 RA106-4 race car which finished third in the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, in 2006 driven by Jenson Button is now up for grabs. The car finished in the top ten in five different famous races, including both the Australian and Spanish Grand Prix. After it retired from frontline racing, it was used as a full-scale wind tunnel test car. Testing done on this car lead to some of the iconic Honda car features that won them the Hungarian Grand Prix such as the nose shape, new side pod fins named ‘fox ears’ and the redesigning of the body.

You can’t honestly tell me that after looking at it you’re not thinking about how amazing it would be to own it. You would most certainly turn heads if you drove down the M1 in this beauty (not recommended though). Personally, I think it would be a great investment but I can’t help but think how much the insurance would be.  But wouldn’t it all be worth it!

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