March 23, 2012

Classic Volkswagen Golf

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Surrounded by Gullwing Mercedes, classic Ferraris and all manner of glitzy displays you might think VW would struggle to make much of an impression at Techno Classica. But, together with other group brands Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, SEAT and Skoda it’s brought out some seriously cool – and quirky – cars.

There’s a unique Golf on the stand in the shape of the four-wheel drive Golf Rallye A59 dating from 1992. 275hp, a caged interior and a wide arch kit mark it out as something a bit different from the otherwise unremarkable Mk3 GTI, this prototype a teasing what-might-have-been had VW taken on the likes of the Integrale, Impreza and Evo. Plans for a small production run and parallel rally version were shelved, the current Golf R perhaps finally realising the concept nearly 20 years down the line. We can insure this type of vehicle using our Modified car insurance and are happy to do so for the right client.

A cool car, and exactly the kind of oddity only Essen can throw up. Obviously there were many standard Golfs there too which we will cover using our VW Golf car insurance schemes.

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