March 22, 2012

BMW M Car Insurance

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40 years of M cars and some very tasty Alpinas make it worth the trip to Essen alone.

One of the things that makes Essen special is the cooperation between manufacturer classic departments and the enthusiast-run clubs that are a big part of the German car scene.

Beautiful E21 320 part of 3 Series display. Which means when your jaw drops at the breadth of the display on the BMW stand at the Techno Classica you’re not just admiring the jewels from the firm’s own collection – you’re looking at privately owned cars too, with no demarcation between them, and perfect for our Cherished car insurance scheme.

Centre of the display is the 3 Series, no surprise given the recent launch of the new F30 generation and celebrated here with some immaculate older 3s, a mint base-spec E21 320 among them. For more recent M3 models please look at our BMW M3 insurance.

Flanking this is a display of both road and motorsport product celebrating 40 years of the M division. The ice white M1 still looks gorgeous, the 1971 3.0 S is a classic six-cylinder BMW saloon and the nifty little 1961 700 RS hillclimb racer – driven by Hans Stuck – a rarity you’ve probably never seen or heard of before. The undoubted highlight of this display is, however, the 1976 Gruppe 2 (sounds cooler using the German description!) 2002 touring car. Boasting 195hp, 845kg and fat side exhausts it’s the one we’d most like to pocket and run away with! Again, either our Cherished car insurance will apply or our Modified car insurance – maybe both!

Gorgeous E28 Alpina B7 turbo.

Though on that score the Alpinas on the other side of the hall are equally tempting, especially the gorgeous E28 Alpina B7. One of the privately-owned club cars, it’s based on the contemporary 535i, turbocharged to 300hp and, later, 320hp. Truly gorgeous, the shocking yellow V12, 8 Series-based B12 5.7 is another stand-out car from the BMW club. All these models can be covered via our BMW M car insurance.

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Many thanks to Pistonheads for their kind permission to use the above – the full article can be found here.