May 12, 2017

Car Show Season Begins – Here’s what to look out for…

As we speed into the Car Show Season for 2017, we take a look at the biggest and best events in the UK! Make sure you know what everyone's talking about...
Car Show Season Begins – Here’s what to look out for… Header Image

We’re coming up to that time of year again when the weather gets warmer (occasionally) and all the best cars from around the country gather together. Car shows in 2017 for the UK are just as big as ever and there’s sure to be an event close to you!

But, of course, there are the BIG events that get everyone in the car scene talking, so we’ve put together the biggest and best that should definitely be on your radar this season…

Car Shows 2017

F1 British Grand Prix: 14th July – 16th July

This may not strictly be a car show, but this is THE event for F1 fans! You’ve watched races take place all over the world but in July, F1 hits the famous Silverstone track for some guaranteed thrilling laps! Since the first Grand Prix held on this track back in 1950, Silverstone has undergone some improvements, but it has still remained a firm favourite in the hearts of British racing drivers and the British public alike.

The F1 series is always exciting, but watching it on TV is nothing like experiencing the real thing! See the cars and drivers hit the track and race for the title

If you want to experience the race for real, buy your tickets and get yourself a seat at this incredible event!

Goodwood Festival of Speed: 29th June – 2nd July

The Festival of Speed at Goodwood is one of the pinnacle car shows of the 2017 season. It’s the largest event of its kind in the world and it gathers together some serious superstars – both in the world of cars and in the world of people.

With a staggering collection of F1 cars, supercars and heritage cars all collected in one place, the Festival of Speed is an incredible event on an enormous scale. Set in the stunning Goodwood Estate, combining together the history of the famous Hillclimb (which first began in 1993) with modern day hospitality and displays of cars, this is a incredible experience!

You can easily spend the whole weekend exploring the Festival, or you can cram as much in to one simply unforgettable day – find out more about ticket options here.

CarFest: North (28th July – 30th July) and South (25th – 27th August)

CarFest is the perfect blend of music, cars and family-friendly fun! Brought about by Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, this is a totally unique festival designed specifically to be accessible for all ages. So, bring your kids and camp for the weekend, or bring your parents and plan your day out!

Split between two halves of the country due to its unbelievable levels of popularity, CarFest North is held at the Bolesworth Estate, Cheshire and CarFest South at Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire.

In support of Children In Need, this event is packed full of excitement. For ticket prices and how to book, visit the website and learn more about this festive of fun!

Classic Car Shows 2017

Flywheel Festival: 24th – 25th June

Held at the impressively preserved Cold War bomber base in Bicester, Flywheel Festival is all about cars, military vehicles and aviation. This festival gives you the chance to get really close to some gorgeous and very rare historic racing cars, as well as marvel at displays and live-action demonstrations.

This is an exciting event, with loads to see and do for kids and adults. With cars, jeeps, tanks and aircraft all gathered in one place, and a fun fair and vintage fair for all the family, you’ll have a memorable weekend at Flywheel!

If you’re interested in checking out all that this festival has to offer, find out more about ticket prices and what’s on at this Class Car event!

Goodwood Revival: 8th September – 10th September

Take a step back to the good ol’ days with a visit to Goodwood Revival. This festival is not only a celebration of motor racing as it once was, but it’s an extravaganza of period dress through from the 1940s to the 1960s. If you love immersing yourself in history then this is the absolute best event for you!

As for the cars, you’ll be treated to some of the most famous and influential cars and motorcycles raced in the golden days of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Alongside these will be some of the legendary drivers from the past and some of the top from today!

If you want to be a part of this spectacular experience, grab your tickets here.