May 17, 2012

320 BHP Toyota GT86

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It hasn’t taken long but Gazoo Racing have already supercharged and turbocharged a Toyota GT86 up to 320 bhp! We will look at providing Toyota GT86 insurance for modified cars but even we may struggle to place something like this. Luckily (or maybe not) the car is a one off but maybe it will give Toyota something to consider with the car in future.

As usual with cars modified like this, the car has uprated suspension, brakes, exhaust, wheels, as well as the engine, and usual interior updates, all perfect for our modified car insurance schemes.

Toyota will be providing their own upgrades to the GT86 through their dealers but nothing like this. Gazoo is very much a one off Toyota department who do their own thing – long may it continue we say. We will be providing Japanese car insurance for all modified japanese cars and the GT86 will be no different.