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You need TS50 insurance from a specialist broker if you are convicted of Traffic Sign convictions. These will give you points on your licence. Having points on your licence for will cause your insurance to be more expensive. Insurers consider you an increased risk and will up premiums accordingly.

How You Got A TS50 Conviction Code

A TS50 endorsement is given when you are convicted of failing to comply with a traffic sign excluding stop signs, traffic lights or double white lines. These signs have their own specific conviction codes. Speed limit signs are also not included because if you break them, you’ll be convicted of speeding well before you’re convicted of failing to obey a traffic sign. Other traffic signs include ‘give way’, ‘no vehicle’ and ‘no overtaking’.

Penalties For Failing To Comply With A Traffic Sign

If convicted, you will receive 3 points on your driver’s licence that will last for 4 years from the date of the offence. In addition, if you acquire 12 or more points within 3 years, you will be banned from driving.

Traffic Directions & Signs Offences

Driving Licence Conviction CodeMotoring OffencePenalty PointsDuration Conviction Stays on your Licence
TS50Failing to comply with traffic sign (excluding ‘stop’ signs, traffic lights or double white lines)3 points 4 years

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TS50 Car Insurance

At Keith Michaels we understand that convictions such as this can be the result of an accident or a momentary lapse in concentration. We specialise in getting the best deal on your car insurance. Mistakes happen, we know this and we treat you like a person, not a policy number.

Failure to disclose any conviction is a breach of the law and will invalidate your insurance. Plus, if you are stopped by the police, you will receive a driving ban. This will make finding insurers willing to cover you in the future extremely difficult.

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