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As car insurance specialists with 30 years' experience, Keith Michaels can arrange competitively priced policies for all the Volvo range from the famous estates, the XC’s and Polestar’s.
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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


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Volvo Car Insurance

Everyone knows Volvo as the safe, solid and reliable car brand. They are best known for their angular family estates throughout the 1960s to 80s that could hold everything including the dog. However, alongside their famous estates, Volvo also produced the sleek P1800 famously used by Roger Moore in The Saint.

Volvo raced an estate vehicle in BTCC in 1994; the 850 T5R. Not only were these cars quick, but they could carry a great amount – hence they became favourites of UK police forces.

However, more important than any single vehicle, was in fact the invention of the 3 point seat belt in 1959 by one of Volvo’s engineers. They later released the patent so that all manufacturers could use it.

The Volvo Range

Today, Volvo manufactures SUVs with the XC range, estates with the V range and saloons with the S range. Having offered the XC90 and XC60 for some time, Volvo now has an SUV range that accounts for more than half of all the cars it sells.

In July 2017, Volvo announced that new models launched from 2019 onward would be fully electric or hybrid-electric.

If you’re the proud owner of a Volvo, Keith Michaels can arrange an insurance policy tailored to your individual circumstances. No matter the model you own, we will endeavour to source you a competitive quote. Please feel free to request a quote online or give us a call.

Modified & Classic Volvo Insurance

We understand no two insurance policies are the same. For instance, your Volvo may be a cherished vehicle over 20 years old, or it may have aftermarket modifications. Therefore, in addition to our standard policies, we can also provide cover for classic and modified Volvos. Speak to a fellow enthusiast and get in touch today for a quote.

Polestar Car Insurance

Polestar has been associated with Volvo for several years as a performance partner, and going forwards, being fully owned by Volvo cars, they will be developing electric performance vehicles.

At the time of writing, the Polestar 1 and 2 have been announced. These both offer significant performance – especially the Polestar 1 with 601bhp and a £139,000 price tag.

As performance car insurance specialists, we have 30 years’ experience arranging insurance for owners of performance vehicles like the Polestar 1 and 2. Get in touch today for a competitive quote.

Volvo Car Insurance

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A Guide to Volvo – FAQs

Are Volvos good cars?

Volvos are renowned for being one of the more reliable car brands around. In ReliabilityIndex’s 2019 study, they scored Volvo 127, placing them 23rd in their list of 40 brands – a positive, average score.

In addition to reliability, Volvo have a strong focus on driver and passenger safety. Their goal is to completely eradicate death and serious injuries caused by Volvos by 2020. Their commitment to safety shows – there are nine Volvo models including the Volvo XC90 – in which no one in the United States died in the four years from 2009 to 2012.

How many miles will a Volvo last?

Many Volvo owners state that their cars have lasted up to the 300k mile mark, but more realistically, the car will last up to around 200k . Like anything, this will entirely depend on how well you maintain and look after your car.

Are repairs on a Volvo expensive?

Though they are by no means one of the most expensive brands, they are on the higher end of the scale for repair costs.

What is the best Volvo car?

This will depend on your needs. Their range includes medium-sized hatchbacks, saloons, estates and SUVs – so if you have children and a dog, there’s plenty of choice with their larger vehicles. If it’s you alone, hatchbacks like the V40 are perfectly suited to everyday, reliable driving.

Polestar 1 & 2 Insurance

Polestar 1 & 2 Insurance As performance car insurance specialists with more than 30 years’ experience, Keith Michaels can secure competitive cover for all Polestar models, including the Polestar 1 and 2. If you own a Polestar 1 or 2, we can arrange an insurance policy tailored to your needs. Request a quote today. About […]

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Volvo XC40 Insurance

The XC40 is the smallest and newest of Volvo’s SUV range, first revealed in September 2017. The design of this model was very different to the functional design of the existing XC60 and XC90 – it’s a great deal jazzier and immediately appealed to a wide audience. So much so that it was named Car […]

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Volvo XC60 Insurance

The Volvo XC60 is a mid-sized luxury SUV launched in 2008. First unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, sales began in Europe later in the same year and in the USA in 2009. The XC60 has been Volvo’s best selling car ever since. The original XC60 shared Land Rover technology because at the time […]

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Volvo XC90 Insurance

The XC90 is the largest of Volvo’s SUV offerings and was launched in 2002. It’s regarded as one of the best family SUVs on the market and is up against other seven-seaters from Audi, Land Rover and BMW. Volvo was thought to be the first company to realise that people wanted the functionality of a […]

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