March 1, 2012

Subaru Keeping Ahead Of The Competition

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The Japanese car market as with the rest of the world has had a horrid time in the recession with car sales and profits both hitting rock bottom. According to an article in Business Week, Subaru are looking reasonably healthy thanks to good sales in the US market with expected sales to increase.

Fuji Heavy Industries is the company who own Subaru and thanks to great advertising in the US, sales of the car have dramatically increased. Not to mention that Subaru do actually make some pretty good cars! The future however will be tough. The overall company Fuji heavy is expected to make a net loss for the full year. Also with Subaru getting involved in a complex three way tie up with Toyota things will become more complex. However, will all have the new FT-86 to look forward to thanks to this which will hopefully prove to be an amazing vehicle (particularly if an STi version ever comes along).

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