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Our Favourite Moments from Top Gear Specials

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We won’t get another new episode of Top Gear until 2018! To fill the void, let’s reminisce and look back on some of the top moments in Top Gear. From specials to challenges and test drives of some of the most exciting cars ever, there’s so much to choose from!

Let’s start with the Specials. Episodes of epic journeys and against-all-odds adventure. The Top Gear team have been everywhere, from the deepest jungles to the North Pole. Here are some of our favourite parts…

“I’m not driving, I’m sailing.”

Nothing cheers up an arctic explorer more than a G&T in a slightly warm car sitting down.

The producers like to send the Top Gear Trio to some pretty dangerous places. That’s why it probably isn’t a good idea to aggravate the natives in the most dangerous country of all…

The Salt Flats of Botswana are a real car killer. But from the ashes often come great ideas!

“Why don’t all cars have no doors?”

… and some of the worst.

Lighter fluid + Icelandic wizard mechanics =

Such ordeals are bound to bring the gang closer together. Sometimes, a little too close!

One thing’s for sure. Nothing can spot these men!

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