May 13, 2020

New Driving Rules: What Motorists Can do From Today

New Driving Rules: What Motorists Can do From Today Header Image

Where are you allowed to drive from today?

Lockdown rules have now been relaxed in England from Wednesday 13th May, allowing people to “drive to other destinations”. Although, in Wales people cannot travel a significant distance from their homes. There has been a lot of confusion around these new rules, including driving from England to Wales to exercise, which you cannot do. A statement from the government is as follows… 

“People in England are free to drive as far as they like to outdoor open spaces. But they should not travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, or stay anywhere else overnight, including at a second home.”

So, as long as you’re going somewhere to exercise for no more than the day, you can travel by car as far as you please. You can also take members of your household with you, or meet one other person during your exercise, as long as you stay two metres apart at all times.

How far can I drive during lockdown?

There are no current mileage limits or restrictions for where and how far people can drive in England. As long as you’re only driving for the reasons that are currently permitted (unlimited exercise, going to work, or out to get essentials) you can drive as far away as you please.

How do these restrictions differ in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

The new and current flexibility on rules in England do not cover Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In these places the strict “stay home” rule is still very much in place, which means those living here can leave their house for essential journeys only. These include going to work, to pick up essential foods, health reasons, and for local exercise.

When are drive-thrus reopening?

McDonald’s are among the few fast food chains that plan to reopen their drive-thrus. This week the company has stated that they’re reopening 40 drivethru’s in the UK, and will reopen all 900 UK restaurants by early June.

It is unclear when the UK lockdown rules and restrictions will further lift, but until then it is important that everyone stays alert and vigilant. Use your common sense to make decisions about where you go and what you do, and be sure to stay two metres apart from people outside your household at all times.

The rules about lockdown are likely to keep changing at a rapid pace, so we will keep you informed about all things driving as announcements are made. In the meantime, get some inspiration for some brilliant driving trips, with our guide to the top drives to do in the UK when lockdown restrictions are lifted.