May 28, 2012

New Porsche 991 Club Coupe

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As the name suggests, Porsche are to build 13 limited edition Club Coupes to be entered into a competition for Porsche Club members only. Should you be lucky enough to win then you will then have to find a mere 143,000 Euros + tax to own one! This is one for the hardcore fan only.

Porsche will be keeping 1 for their museum and the other 12 will go to winners around the world (excluding China and India). The 13 represents the number of original club members who set up 60 years ago. Porsche never miss a trick at celebrating an anniversary!

Based on the Porsche 991 S, the Club Coupes come in Brewster Green with colour matching 20 inch alloy wheels, plus an engine upgrade to 430bhp. This is really one for the enthusiast Porsche owner but we would be more than to cover one with our performance car insurance should one come our way.