March 26, 2012

Motorists Call for ban on Drinking?

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Forty per cent of the UK’s motorists think there should be a total ban on drinking before driving.

A recent survey by an Insurance Company who only cover non-convicted drivers (and will remain nameless!), has revealed that 34 per cent of motorists don’t know how many units of alcohol are in an average strength pint of beer or how that may affect their blood alcohol level, whilst 49 per cent are ignorant of the potency and effects of a large glass of wine. We at Keith Michaels understand that drivers will get caught out and therefore offer very competitive Drink Drive Car Insurance.

And with 45 per cent of motorists admitting to driving after drinking some alcohol – and 4 per cent saying they do so ‘frequently’ – the confusion has serious consequences, with many people’s ‘going out for a couple of drinks’ leading to a motoring conviction, and increased car insurance premium. We have specific schemes in place for those with a Drink Drive conviction and one in particular is exclusive to us – please call for Drink Drive Car Insurance.

One of the reasons that many motorists are confused as to how much alcohol they are ‘allowed’ to drink before driving is because alcohol intake is measured in units, whilst the drink drive limit is measured by alcohol content within the blood, which can be affected by such factors as an individual’s size, weight and metabolism – which means there is no uniform measure.

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