March 26, 2014

Modified Car Insurance – The Real Value

Modified Car Insurance – The Real Value Header Image

So you’ve modified your car and made it your own. But why did you decide to modify your car in the first place? Maybe you wanted to improve its performance, or maybe it was the desire to grab the attention of everyone who lays eyes on it, or it could be you just want to create something that uniquely reflects you? Regardless of reasons, you’ve formed an unbreakable bond with it. You have found a passion for it, and for tweaking it to make it just how you want.

We’re sure you take care of your car and want to keep it in perfect condition. You want to be able to reap the benefits of your hard work by taking it out and letting loose. In order to really appreciate it, your mind needs to be free of any doubt or worry that you haven’t correctly declared your modifications to your modified car insurer provider.

Maybe to save a little cash you decided not to declare your mods, or perhaps they don’t seem necessary to declare – just some alloys or new seats that have no impact on your car’s performance. We’ve all been there, had the thought “it will be okay, I won’t crash” and so we decide to risk it.  We don’t declare our modifications on our car insurance because we think we’ll get away with it.

But after all the effort you’ve gone through to make your car unique, shouldn’t you make sure it’s protected by your modified car insurance policy. But your policy may be deemed invalid by many insurers if you haven’t declared all of your modifications.  Make sure you know your policy, as some modified car insurance policies will only replace modified components and parts with stock duplicates.

So if you care for your car, make sure your Modified Car Insurance policy includes each of your modifications and keep you and your car safe.