March 1, 2012

Mercedes SLS Roadster

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The SLS Roadster is the latest slick car from Mercedes. It embraces a lightweight convertible roof which can be raised or lowered within 11 seconds when travelling up to 31mph. This is actually faster than the Ferrari 458 Spider by 3 seconds who also had its debut at Frankfurt in September.

A first for the SLS is a the 3-way ride control adjustable dampers controlled by the AMG drive unit. This is now also available as an option for the SLS Coupe. If you prefer a more exciting drive then the option of an AMG Performance Suspension fixed rate making the set up of the dampers 30% firmer and the springs are 10% stiffer than the standards AMG unit.

If SLS customers want to drive it with the roof down in all weathers, it will be beneficial to them to look at the option of a neck warming ‘Airscarf’ box to keep you warm through any season.

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