April 11, 2012

Mercedes G Class Facelift

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You could call this a facelift if that’s what you consider LED lights and new door mirrors! Apparently some more work has been done to the drivetrain but the biggest difference is the powerplants:

AMG Twin-turbo V8 and a V12 also – perfect for our Performance car insurance and Mercedes AMG car insurance schemes. Only trouble we see is the fuel economy, or lack of it.

We think that the most popular model in the UK will be the G350 diesel model – excellent torque and better fuel consumption.

Inside the car sees some detail changes to the switches but the car remains essentially the same. The G Class is now 33 years old, but with current prices (£81,000 to £117,000) will remain the domain of the few. Even so, being a specialist vehicle, we will be happy to arrange Mercedes G Class car insurance for you.