March 10, 2012

Jaguar XJ220 Insurance

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The 200mph Coventry supercar that looks fast even when standing still.

Ah, the XJ220. Yes, it was chucked together in engineers’ spare time, no they didn’t sell very many and yes, we know the McLaren F1 is faster.

Just look at it, though. Sleek lines, outrageous size, huge presence, and a phenomenal power output (550hp seems a lot even 20 years down the line). It’s a textbook supercar.

The fact that it was a financial flop almost even adds to its mystique.

And once you’ve put this silver supercar loveliness, you can even pop over to the Pistonheads features section and read about it. Keith Michaels would also love to provide the Jaguar XJ220 Insurance.

Please follow this link for your Jagaur XJ220 insurance.

Many thanks to Pistonheads for their kind permission to use the above – full article can be found here.