August 13, 2012

Jaguar confirm new F-Type

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As we reported some time earlier, Jaguar have confirmed their production ready F-Type will be shown at the Paris Show this September. We expect a large amount of disquiet from the Jaguar purists, but we think this car will further enhance a brand that currently has a superb line-up along with its sister Land Rover and Range Rover models. We will also be relishing the chance to add another model to our line of Jaguar insurance policies.

This car will be firmly aimed at those seeking a 2 door sports model and will take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman. Although the exact version is difficult to pin down due to the heavily disguised paintwork on the development car, it looks much like the current models in the range which are proven winners.

Engines we do know about – an all new petrol 3.0 litre unit will be provided in supercharged form, and will have a choice of 340 and 380 bhp versions. Jaguar will also be popping in a revised 5.0 litre unit into the F-Type which will produce a huge 500 bhp! That will be a truly monstrous amount for a car of this size and will demand drivers of a certain amount of experience to drive.

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