September 8, 2012

Insurance for Drivers with Points

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At Keith Michaels we have always been sympathetic to drivers who have been awarded points on their licence for motoring convictions. This can be for anything from the humble speeding conviction, through no insurance convictions, totting up bans, or drink drive convictions – the list is nearly endless. We have all seen the large increase in ‘traffic safety’ cameras and the like, but there is nothing quite so infuriating as getting caught by one of these.

We have arranged specialist insurance policies that are solely for those drivers with points on their licences, whatever these may be. Our experience shows that drivers with points are not necessarily any more likely to make an insurance claim than those with a clean licence. We will look to insure your car, whatever this may be, from the highest performance to the most humble on the road.

It is YOU the individual that we are looking to insure and will not pass any judgement on any motoring conviction you may have. Our convicted driver insurance, drink driver insurance and disqualified driver insurance schemes are market leaders. Our specialist staff have all been with us for over 15 years and are extremely experienced in dealing with insurance for drivers with points.

A full list of driving convictions can be found here.