March 1, 2012

HOT HATCH – VW Sirocco R visits old relative Scirocco

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Apart from a name share, the old 1970 Sirocco Storm has nothing in common with its much younger and faster 21st century predecessor- Sirocco R. Styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro 37years ago; the first Sirocco is just a stroke of genius that kept the car a head turner wherever you take it. Its lines aren’t the most outrageous style and it runs on comparatively tiny 13-inch alloys but even with this, the 1970’s Sirocco still demands quite a commanding road presence.

The new Sirocco R is a completely different story. Even in different colors other than the Viper green of our test car. Its nose is a gaping chasm of air ducts, its headlights styled to look aggressive and ‘technical’. It rolls on 18-inch alloys with a in your face effect. Yet compared with a Subaru or Mitsubishi boasting 261bhp, the R’s a visually restrained machine, but dare we call it shy or retiring.

Compared to the devilish quick Sirocco R, boosting at record of 0-62 at 6.2sec and a top speed of 155mph the old school Sirocco storm was no match for the R but without saying, back in its day; Storm was one very quick hot hatch with 115mph top speed and 0-60mph in 8.8sec. After a drive in the R, you would assume the storm would be a drag or bore to drive but it held its own and still prove it’s a fun and entertain classic car you would want to drive all day everyday. Own a hot hatch? Then you would be looking for a Hot Hatch Insurance Quote. Here at Keith Michaels we pride ourselves on obtaining the best car insurance quotes for our customers from our list of exclusive insurers.