March 8, 2012

Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang Insurance

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The convertible version of the MY Shelby GT500 Mustang coming in 2013 was unveiled at the Chicago Motor Show. This 4-seater beauty brings with it a reach of near 200mph, 650 hp, where it only competes with the faster Bentley Continental GTC, with Ford calling it ‘The Most Powerful Pony’.

Some features include:

–   6-piston front brakes

–   Aluminium hood with front splitters

–   Quad tip rear exhaust with a new lower fascia appliqué

–   One-piece carbon fiber driveshaft

–   Special Vehicle Team (SVT) Track Pack including: External oil cooler, transmission cooler with pump, differential cooler with pump.

The enlarged engine of 5.8 litres has a new supercharger, 19” rear wheels, 6-speed and American style enters it into a unique niche. The model serves as the celebratory vehicle to mark the 20th Anniversary of Fords Special Vehicle Team.

To put it into perspective, the GT500 has more power than the original McLaren F1 which according to Ford is the most powerful production V8 in the world. The Shelby GT500 continues the 4 SVT attributes: Performance, Substance, Exclusivity and Value.

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