March 26, 2012

Ferrari F355

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The Ferrari F355 was first shown to the world at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show and it immediately became the most desirable supercar this side of the McLaren F1. It went on sale shortly afterwards in Berlinetta coupe and GTS targa guises, with a full convertible Spider arriving a year later. Prices started at £83,031 at launch and production ran until 1999, when the car was replaced by the 360, which means the 355 is now relatively affordable by Ferrari standards.

In total, 11,522 of the 355 models of all types were made, including 104 stripped-out and roll-caged Challenge race cars. This made the 355 the first Ferrari model to sell more than 10,000 units and 496 Berlinettas were sold in the UK, with 88 of those with the F1 gearbox. A further 434 GTS models went to UK customers (74 of them with an F1 transmission), while 454 Spiders were sold through Ferrari’s UK agents (139 Spiders with the F1 gearbox). This ubiquity, in Ferrari terms, makes the F355 a popular entry point to the make.Some Ferrari 355s will be covered using our Ferrari car insurance policies and others will now qualify for Cherished car insurance – please call us for your cover.

Choosing the F355 as a first foray into Ferrari ownership need not be daunting. There are plenty to pick from and a number of dependable specialists.

However, any car capable of 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds and 184mph needs careful consideration. So if you haven’t got a decent contingency fund, you’d better make sure the family is up for missing out on the odd trip to Disneyland.

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