March 26, 2012

Ferrari 599XX Evolution

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What happens when an extreme track day toy becomes, er, even more extreme?

This video is taken from the first official shakedown of the new Ferrari 599XX Evo at a recent Ferrari Racing Days event at Suzuka.

If you’re unsure exactly what the 599XX Evo is, Ferrari describes it as an evolution of an ‘extreme, non-homologated sports berlinetta’. In other words, it’s an even more hardcore version of the 599XX, a car that’s already neither road-legal nor homologated for racing. A pretty niche market, then. We can provide insurance for the road going Ferrari 599 under our Ferrari 599 car Insurance.

Still, the 599XX proves there is a call for unbelievably extreme track-only cars, and Ferrari’s ‘Corsa Cliente’ can now participate in the next stage of what is essentially a track-based R&D programme.

You can read more and see the video from Pistonheads here, but the headlines for the 599XX Evo are this: an extra 20hp (bringing things up to 750hp), 516lb ft of torque, 35kg less weight, a shorter final gear ratio and some deeply clever electronically controlled active aerodynamics.

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