March 1, 2012

Ferrari 458 Spider

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The new 458 Spider had its covers taken off at the Frankfurt show. Its folding hard top that opens and closes in 14 seconds sits on 50kg more weight than the 458 Coupe. This Ferrari is the world’s first V8 Mid-Rear engine. The engine was nominated as the 2011 International Engine of the year for its excellence in performance, refinement, economy and drivability along with its F1 paddle shift-transmission and high performance ABS for maximum handling.

The can includes aerodynamic buttresses designed to optimise the flow of air to the engine and even the engine soundtrack has been honed to give the car occupants the complete open-top driving experience. Integrated into the design of the car it encompasses a generously-sized electric wind-stop enabling normal conversations to be held at speeds of around 200 km/h.

Maximising its speed of around 198mph, using the dual clutch 7-speed, this Ferrari 458 Spider is definitely one to maximise driving experience of a drop-top sports car.

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