December 30, 2016

Driving New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Do yourself a favour and take up some driving resolutions this new year and get back into good driving habits.
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New year, new you! New Year 2017 is a great time to break some old habits and get back to driving properly. Too many drivers in the UK get lazy and develop bad habits that not only risk the lives of other drivers, but also cost them fuel and the risk of breakdowns.

So do yourself a favour and take up some driving resolutions this new year and get back into good driving habits.

New Year’s Resolutions for drivers 2017

Spend less money on fuel

Driving economically can save more than 10% of your average fuel bill. If your other New Year’s resolution for 2017 also includes saving some money, this is a great way to start. Maximise your MPG by driving smoothly with no sudden braking and skimping on the air-con. Other tips include lightening up your car by taking out unnecessary baggage. Or simply find other ways to travel.

Be a less angry driver

Avoid road rage in 2017. It really isn’t worth getting angry about traffic or ignorant drivers. Remember to get enough sleep and food before you drive, so that you’re in the best mood possible. If you do encounter road rage from other drivers don’t engage, take a breath and remain calm. Play relaxing music and avoid taking routes that take you through difficult and stressful intersections.

Stop speeding

Not speeding is one of the top ten New Year’s resolutions for drivers. Managing your speed is an essential driving skill and is a significant factor in over 20% of fatal crashes. Avoid the need for speed by leaving a little earlier, planning an efficient route and simply paying attention to the speed limit.

Do regular maintenance

Regular car maintenance is essential to keeping your motor running during the winter months. Make this resolution for 2017 and you’ll be rewarded with a better drive and more money in your pocket. Check your fluids, tyre tread and pressure. Changing your air filters and spark plugs are a little bit more technical, but not something you need a mechanic to do. Your car’s owner’s manual will contain advice as to how often you should be making regular inspections.

Take the scenic route

Broaden your horizons (literally) by resolving to get off the beaten track every once in a while. This New Year’s resolution can range from taking a slightly different route to work to shake up your routine, to taking your car on holiday on a tour of the Alps.

In 2017, make resolutions that will make you a better and happier driver.