March 1, 2012

Cherished Car Insurance Information

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Cherished car insurance = Classic and rare Cars

These can be either over 10 years old or a very rare car which is brand new.

Classic/Rare Car Insurance – tips and hints

This insurance is always generally cheaper than insurance on a modern vehicle because the car is kept in the garage for a lot of the time.

The value of the vehicle could be very different from what the company value is as to what the owners perception of the vehicle values it as.

It is vital that the owner of the vehicle takes out an agreed valuation when insuring the classic car.

By using a specialist insurer, they are more likely to provide a better rate than a generalistic insurance company.

There are discussions that MOT will be dropped for cars older than 1960 as they are believed to be better run and kept by their owners.

Cherished Car Insurance Information

Benefits of Cherished Car Insurance

The benefit of having Cherished Car Insurance is first and foremost that it can be very cost effective. This type of insurance can be tailor made to your situation regarding how often you drive the car, where you keep it, how old the car is and whether you need breakdown cover or not. If you only drive the vehicle within your local area, then you will most likely not need breakdown cover. Windshield replacement and breakdown cover are just a couple of extras that could be added into your insurance policy when it is tailor made to your needs.