August 23, 2018

7 Essential Modifications Every Evo Needs

7 Essential Modifications Every Evo Needs Header Image

Whether you’ve got an Evo VI, or an Evo X, tuning is a rewarding project that can bring more joy to your drive. Since their inception, Evos have been a premier modder’s car, allowing owners to get more power and better performance in many different ways.

But with so many modifications available, where do you start? We’ve taken seven of the best mods available to give you a starting point for your Evo mod project.

1. Turbo-Back Exhaust

A Turbo-Back Exhaust (TBE) is one of the most rewarding mods you can get for your Evo. “Turbo-back” means changing your entire exhaust system to improve the power. Bigger pipes mean better performance from your Evo… and a better noise!

If you want higher gains from your exhaust, you’ll more than likely need a retune too.

2. Air Intakes

Evos have pretty decent air intakes as standard, but you can optimise your air flow with a replacement filter. Better air intakes allow you to increase the flow rate, boosting the performance of your Evo with very little effort.

Alternatively, you can replace the intake pipe with a smooth silicone hose. This Evo upgrade has shown to make a significant improvement to performance as the pipe feeds air directly into the turbine unit.

3. Cams

Upgrading camshafts helps improve lift and duration, raising both low end and peak power. If you want to boost power across the rev range, you might as well upgrade the whole system, including the valve springs and vernier camshaft gears. This will give you much better control when you make use of all that extra power.

4. Turbo

Turbo upgrades can boost the performance of your Evo, but you need to be smart in how you pick one. Choosing a turbo that’s too large will cause massive turbo lag. So while it may give you a boost in horsepower, the loss of low rpm torque and rpm torque on boost can make your Evo slower in some situations.

If you fancy upgrading your turbo manifold, be wary of models prone to cracking. Some stainless steel models will be a waste of money if you keep having to replace them.

5. Fuel Pump

Upgrading your fuel pump will make sure that you don’t lose pressure during acceleration. While the stock fuel pump will serve your Evo well, as soon as you start increasing the power, your pump will be put to the test. A new pump and a rewiring can increase your flow capacity by as much as 20%! Ideal for getting the fuel you need, faster.

6. Retune or Replace ECU

Reflashing your ECU enables the fuel, ignition, boost and many other features to be altered to virtually any levels of modification. As you continue to mod your Evo, the need to replace your ECU becomes a question of when, not if.

When you reflash your ECU, your modifications can be tuned so modifications in air flow, speed limiters, and boost limiters are no longer an issue.

7. Carbon Fibre Bonnet

Getting rid of weight is a go-to way of improving your performance without having to tinker with the engine. Replacing parts with carbon fibre where possible can give you considerable weight savings, meaning better performance.

Evos are some of the most popular cars to modify and provide easy and rewarding performance increases as a result. If you’re looking to insure your modified Evo, get in touch today. We provide competitive and comprehensive insurance cover that takes all of your Evo mods into consideration. We love serving people who are passionate about their cars, so if you are too, you’ll be in good company.