Guide To Speed Awareness Courses – Questions And Answers

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Speed Awareness Courses & Insurance

Speed awareness courses have become a more popular option over points in recent years. Many of us have heard of them but not a lot is really known about them, unless you’ve attended one previously.

One of the most common questions asked is how a speed awareness course affects car insurance. This depends entirely on whether or not the insurer asks the question. If they do not ask, it cannot be used as a factor when working out your premium. However, if you are indeed asked whether you have attended one, you will need to answer honestly, and your premium may be affected depending on underwriting criteria.

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What are some common speed awareness course questions and answers?

Many people who opt to take a speed awareness course worry about what kinds of questions they might get asked, so to help get prepared, read our list of common questions:

  • What are the speed limits on different UK roads?
  • What are some common reasons why people speed?
  • Did you drive here today?
  • Can you draw a ‘Give Way’ sign and a ‘Stop Sign’?
  • Can you point out the hazards in the video?
  • Why/how did you get your speeding fine?

With so many more questions about speed awareness courses being asked, we’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked and provided answers below.

Speed Awareness Course FAQs

How much is a speed awareness course?

The cost of a speed awareness course can vary depending on the area you live in. Typically, the cost is around £100. This is also roughly the same cost as a fixed penalty notice which usually incurs 3 points on your licence. A good tip to remember is that points on your licence usually result in an increase in your insurance premiums, which works out as the more expensive option when compared to the cost of a speed awareness course.

What happens on a speed awareness course?

Speed awareness courses are designed specifically to educate individuals on road safety and the potential consequences of speeding. They are not run by the police but by organisations with tutors who deliver the course. They usually last for about 4 hours and consist of a variety of small and larger group participation elements. They’re designed to help educate the people who attend them and no content is delivered to patronise or scold any participants.

Who runs speeding awareness courses?

Speed awareness courses are not run by the police, as it’s commonly thought. Instead, they’re run by organisations in your area and delivered by specially trained tutors and instructors. These organisations work with the local constabulary to help deliver the course to groups of participants who have chosen to take part.

How long is a speed awareness course?

Although there is no specified length of time for a speed awareness course, typically speed awareness courses last for 4 hours.

Can I take a speed awareness course instead of points on my licence?

Speed awareness courses aren’t offered as standard. If you’re eligible to go on one then you’ll be given the option. You’re only offered to go on a speed awareness course if:

1. You have no previous convictions regarding other speeding offences in the past 3 years.
2. You’ve been caught driving over the accepted range of speed which is the stated speed limit, plus 10% plus 2mph and 10% plus 9mph. For example, if you’re travelling in a 30mph zone then you could attend a course if you’re caught doing between 35mph and 42mph.

If you don’t meet these criteria then the alternative is a fixed penalty notice and at least 3 points on your driving licence.

How many times can you take a speed awareness course?

Speed awareness courses can only be taken once every 3 years. Once you decide to take the course, it must be completed within 4 months of the committed offence.

Is a speed awareness course classed as a conviction?

A speed awareness course is not classed as a conviction. There’s some discussion around whether having attended a speed awareness course can affect your premium, with some companies seeing it as a negative rather than a positive. The best thing to do is look around to find the best deal for you.

Do you have to declare a speed awareness course to insurance?

If you’re asked by your insurance company then you should declare that you have taken a speed awareness course. However, it is down to the insurance company to ensure that they collect all the necessary information from you in order to provide sufficient cover, not for you to declare anything you feel is of interest.

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