2020: Drink Driving Convictions

Drink driving is an irresponsible act that puts yourself and those around you in significant danger. Find out how many individuals have been convicted of drink driving in the UK in 2020.
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Driving under the influence of drink or drugs can cause serious harm to those around you, yourself, and your reputation.  

Driving with more than the prescribed limit of alcohol or drugs in your bloodstream is perilous for everyone on the roads. Blurred vision, impeded judgement and lack of spatial awareness means careless drivers are more likely to cause accidents or be involved in them, placing significant dangers on themselves and those around them.  

Data obtained from the Ministry of Justice, and analysed by Keith Michaels, has identified that some age groups, and genders, may be posing more of a threat to the safety of our roads than others.

Men aged 30 – 39 most likely to be convicted

Data shows that men aged 30 – 39 are 522% more likely than their female counterparts to be convicted for drink or drug-driving related offences. In total, 13,892 men in the age group were prosecuted, with men aged 18 – 24 being the second most likely, at 8,285 prosecutions.

Women significantly less likely to be convicted than men

The top five most likely age groups and genders to be convicted are occupied by men; from the age 18 all the way to 59, totalling a huge 41,188 convictions. While 13,892 men aged 30 to 39 were convicted for drink driving, the most convicted category in the study, there were only 2,695 convictions for women in the same age group.

10–17-year-old males convicted for drink driving

The data also revealed that young men between the ages of 10 and 17 were found to be drink driving. Despite the troubling fact that such a young age group is both drinking and driving, 174 male individuals were convicted for drink driving. Once again, their female counterparts were far better behaved, with only 12 convictions. This is 1,350% less than the male age group.

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Drink  Driving Histogram

10 most likely demographics to be convicted for drink driving

With over 51,400 individuals convicted for drink driving in 2020, men are responsible for 42,945 instances of being convicted – 83.5% of the total figure. The total number of convictions for women in 2020 (8,455 convictions) is only 170 cases more than the second highest male group of men aged 18 to 24 (8,285 convictions).

  1. Men aged 30 – 39: 13,892 prosecuted
  1. Men aged 18 – 24: 8,285 prosecuted
  1. Men aged 25 – 29: 8,251 prosecuted
  1. Men aged 40 – 49: 7,123 prosecuted
  1. Men aged 50 – 59: 3,637 prosecuted
  1. Women aged 30 – 39: 2,695 prosecuted
  1. Women aged 40 – 49: 1,666 prosecuted
  1. Women aged 25 – 29: 1,338 prosecuted
  1. Women aged 18 – 24: 1,333 prosecuted
  1. Men aged 60 – 69: 1,232 prosecuted
2020: Drink Driving Convictions

Drink driving infographic with data from Keith Michaels 2020 Study

2020: Drink Driving Convictions

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