What To Consider When Importing A Car

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92% of our customers get a cheaper quote over the phone


Importing A Car Into The UK

At Keith Michaels we specialise in the imported car market. Whether you’re bringing in a Grey Import, or Parallel Import you’re in good hands with us. Unlike other brokers who don’t like to insure imported cars, at Keith Michaels, you can trust us to offer a fair and reasonable price.

In order to import a car into the UK, you need to follow a number of steps. It is possible to pay an importer or shipping company to complete them for you, but ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure that each step is completed.

How To Import A Vehicle Into The UK

  • Tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) within 14 days that the vehicle has arrived in the UK.
  • Pay VAT and any duty where applicable.
  • Get vehicle approval to show your vehicle meets safety and environmental standards.

For cars registered in the EU, you must get a European Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer to show you have approval for an EU-registered car. You also have to get a certificate of Mutual Recognition if it’s a left hand drive vehicle.

For cars from outside the EU, you must apply for Individual Vehicle Approval.

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Registering A Car In The UK

Once you have paid VAT and had your imported car approved, it must be registered. For imported cars with a certificate of newness, you must request a New Vehicle Import Pack from the DVLA. Otherwise, you need a Used Vehicle Import Pack.

Click here to request an imported vehicle pack.

Extra Supporting Documents For Imported Vehicles

In addition to the forms, you must supply the following supporting documents to register an imported car:

  • Proof of vehicle approval
  • Form V267 (sometimes called the ‘declaration of newness’) if you’re registering a new vehicle
  • Evidence showing the date the vehicle was collected, eg the invoice from the supplier
  • The original foreign registration certificate to show when the vehicle was manufactured (you won’t get this back)

If you don’t have the original foreign registration certificate, DVLA might accept other proof of the manufacture date, e.g. a letter from the manufacturer or a vehicle enthusiast club.

It can take up to six weeks for your imported registration certificate to arrive.