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Fleet Frequently Asked Questions

Getting the best price on your fleet car insurance can be a challenge. Maintaining a fleet of cars can involve increased risk and therefore cost – especially when it comes to fleet Insurance.

To find out more about this specialist type of insurance cover, including the vehicles it covers and how you can lower your premiums, read our answers to frequently asked fleet insurance questions below.

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Motor fleet insurance is a type of insurance that covers a fleet of vehicles used for business purposes. It is typically used by companies and business owners that operate a fleet of vehicles.
If you have more than one vehicle that you lease or own for business use, fleet insurance will typically be cheaper than insuring each vehicle separately. It also means you have less paperwork to manage and you will have peace of mind that all your vehicles have the appropriate cover.
Generally there is no limit on how many vehicles you can insure with fleet insurance, and some policies can cover up to 500 cars. The minimum number you can insure is typically three, but some specialist insurance providers do have policies for just two vehicles, so you will have to shop around if this is the type of fleet insurance cover your require.
Fleet insurance policies cover vehicles that are registered in the name of a company, or a partner or director in a company. If you have your own business and use your vehicles for business purposes, you are entitled to insure them all under a fleet insurance policy. If they are just for domestic or social use, you will not be able to do so.
There are three main types of fleet insurance policies:

Third Party Only – This is the minimum legal level of cover for a fleet of cars and is the cheapest option. It covers you for damage to the other party’s vehicle, or loss or damage to a third party. However, it doesn’t provide cover for your or the driver of your vehicles.

Third Party, Fire & Theft – This includes the third party cover in the above policy, but also covers you for theft of your vehicles or fire damage.

Fully comprehensive – This is the most expensive type of fleet insurance, but it includes all of the above as well as any accidental damage to your vehicles.
You can get fleet insurance cover for a variety of business uses, including haulage, private hire, couriers and other business transportation purposes.
You can insure almost any type of vehicle under fleet insurance. Busses, coaches, cars, vans, trucks, scooters, motorbikes, agricultural vehicles and tippers are just some of the vehicles that can be covered. However, if you want to insure any classic cars or super cars, you may require a specialist type of Fleet Insurance policy. This is because these types of cars are generally quite high in value and can be costly to repair due to the difficulty of finding original parts. Using a specialist business car insurance broker like Keith Michaels is a good idea if you need to insure a fleet of super or classic vehicles.
Yes, both public and private hire taxies can be covered by fleet insurance – including black cabs, mini cabs and mini buses.
The cost of fleet insurance depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of business you run, how many vehicles you have, the individual history of your drivers, the number of named drivers, and how well your policy has performed over a number of years.

Choosing a specialist insurance broker is a good option if you’re keen to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance. They have a range of policies to suit different requirements, so you can guarantee cover that is a perfect fit for your needs and won’t result in you paying any extra. You can also make sure all vehicles included under the policy are fitted with security devices to reduce the risk of theft and pay for your fleet insurance on a yearly basis rather than monthly.
Unfortunately not, however you will receive a confirmed fleet claims experience report, which will help to keep the cost of your insurance premiums down in the future.
This will depend on your insurance company and the type of policy you take out. Some types of Fleet Insurance policies will include breakdown cover, as well as other types of additional cover such as public liability insurance and legal expenses cover.

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