October 3, 2012

The McLaren P1 hits Paris

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The McLaren F1 was possibly one of the greatest cars to hit the motoring world in the last 20 years, and now McLaren have the what they think is the perfect follow up. With the Paris motor show now over, we have to agree that McLaren have done a great job on introducing the P1, and what an entrance it made.

With the McLaren red paint job, it certainly caught your eye as you walked through the motor show, and we highly doubt that was just for us. The spoiler, the alloys, and the exhaust are all beautifully shaped and you can see that design was an important factor for the P1 with curves that don’t only look good, they all have a reason to be there too.

The idea of the McLaren P1 was that you could drive around in absolute comfort (at a high speed no doubt) and then when you wanted, it would be time to head down to the track and watch as the McLaren ate away at that track in front of you. With that in mind you would think that the power would be the main attribute for the McLaren P1, wrong. The aerodynamics are what separate this car from the rest with a downforce that is five times that of the 12C. This will allow even the less god like of us to exploit the driving experience you can get from a car with the speed and handling capabilities the McLaren has. We haven’t heard any details of what the specifications will be on this vehicle other than the fact it will push out 600hp per tonne, which in comparison to the Veyron’s 666hp isn’t too bad whatsoever.

The way we see it with the McLaren P1, is that McLaren weren’t trying to produce the fastest car for the road, or even the track. They have put together a car that will become part of history in the motoring world alongside the supreme McLaren F1. To look at this car is easy, with curves in all the right places, you know the sound is going to be beautiful, as are the turns as you glide round with ease. All in all we can’t see that this car is going to let anybody at McLaren down.

The release of the McLaren P1 will come early next year, but by the time first orders are put down and the deliveries are made, we expect it will be towards the end of 2013 before you see any of these beauties on the road.

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