March 1, 2012

Pistonheads – Porche Cayenne Diesel

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Just checking out the review of the Porsche Cayenne Diesel from the Pistonheads website. As many of you may agree the Cayenne really isn’t everyones dream Porsche. However it is the companies best selling vehicle and for that it deserves credit.

In comparison to other SUV’s on the market the Porsche is probably the best of the best. Only the BMW range coming close when marked on handling. And i assume it is only natural to fill it full of tractor pulling power in the form of a very meaty Diesel Engine it being a large tracktor looking vehicle.

However, our take ont he Cayenne is it’s quite nice! And definately a car we would ad to our collection. IF you own a Porsche Cayenne and are looking for Porsche Car insurance then look no further than Keith Michaels Specialist car insurance.