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Business Vehicle Insurance from Keith Michaels

  • Policies issued in both Company and Individual names
  • We are a long established UK based company and do NOT operate a Call Centre
  • Cover for Fleet, Multi-car, Single Vehicle or Personal Business Insurances
  • Discounts for Previous Driving Experience
  • Leased Cars, Company Owned Vehicles, Contract Hire, etc.
  • Over 25 years experience in Business Insurance
  • Instant cover available
  • Monthly payment options


Business Vehicle Insurance

If you are finding premiums to be high or are having difficulty arranging cover for your Business vehicle, then please do contact us. We have years of experience and specific insurance schemes in place for this type of cover.

Business Vehicle Insurance covers a wide variety of different policies, each of which have their own specific requirements. What we at Keith Michaels recognise is that our clients need their vehicles on the road, and in the event of a claim, speed and efficiency are paramount.

All these different policies need to be underwritten on an individual basis as all our customers are unique when dealt with on a Company Vehicle Insurance basis. Please do call to speak to one of our specialists and let us do all the hard work for you. We have been providing business vehicle insurance for over 20 years and have a large number of companies to look at each risk.

Why use our Business Vehicle Insurance?

At Keith Michaels Car Insurance we pride ourselves on the care we have for all of our customers. We do not treat you as a policy number, we treat you as a person. Our dedicated business vehicle insurance team are on hand to take your call and discuss your requirements. Their experience with insuring on business vehicles is vast. The range of policies that Keith Michaels have for you will ensure you get not only the best deal but more importantly the best policy.

Business vehicle insurance is wide ranging but the following are examples:

Fleet Car Insurance

Keith Michaels’ ability to consistently deliver tailored solutions for a comprehensive range of company fleet insurance requirements has consolidated their reputation as a professional company fleet insurance intermediary…

Company Car Insurance

Company car insurance is used to provide insurance on cars owned or leased by a company. Having the correct cover provides the company car user with the best insurance essential for their business. Keith Michaels Company car insurance covers cars, vans or trucks….

Leased Car

At Keith Michaels we have been insuring lease cars for over 20 years and have arranged lease car insurance schemes with many underwriters…

Ex Company Car

we have always had excellent rates for ex company car driver insurance. …

Contract Hire Car

Contract Hire has now become the option of choice for many people to obtain cars, both for business use and increasingly more common for private ownership…


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