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CD20 car insurance is needed if you are convicted of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users. As a result of this conviction you will receive a CD20 endorsement on your license. This will make it hard to get a decent quote on your car insurance.

How You Got A CD20 Conviction Code

Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users is a conviction that is distinct from driving without due care and attention. A driving without due consideration charge is more appropriate where the inconvenience is aimed at and suffered by other road users. It is kept separate from careless driving, as careless driving does not necessarily require other road users to have been inconvenienced.

Penalties For Driving Without Reasonable Consideration

You will receive a CD20 endorsement on your license if you are convicted of driving without due consideration. You will get three to nine points on your license for four years from the date of the offence at the least. Other penalties may be added depending on the situation. The points will last for four years. If you earn 12 penalty points within three years, you get a driving ban.

Careless Driving Offences

Driving Licence Conviction Code Motoring Offence Penalty Points Duration Conviction Stays on your Licence
CD20 Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users 3 – 9 points 4 Years from the date of the offence

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CD20 Motor Insurance

CD20 car insurance should be sought from specialist brokers. The endorsement on your license means that insurers will consider you an increased risk, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the offence. As a result, your quote is more than likely to be much higher than expected.

However, our specialist brokers are happy to help with your search by finding the best insurance policy for the best possible price.

At  Keith Michaels we know you’re a person, not a policy number. We can provide a range of car insurance quotes that are tailored to your personal situation, to keep your premium as representative as possible and back on the road as soon as possible.

It is essential that you disclose any and all convictions you have when shopping for car insurance. Failure to disclose is a breach of the law and will invalidate your insurance. If you are stopped by the police, you will receive a driving ban. For more handy information for CD20 convicted drivers, click here.


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